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Our principles

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Kotahitanga – Unity

Our work reflects the bi-cultural foundations of Aotearoa New Zealand as expressed in the Treaty of Waitangi.

Mahi Tahi – Collaboration

We will actively collaborate and contribute in genuine partnership within Te Toi Tupu, and with the schools and communities we work with.

Whakakite – Innovation

We are open to and encourage new ways of working, pushing boundaries and taking calculated and responsible risks.

Whakaiti – Service

In the spirit of ako we serve schools and their communities with humility, empowering others, working ‘with’ rather than doing for.

Pono – Integrity

We are honest, respectful, professional and ground our work in evidence

Making a difference

We ensure positive outcomes for students, teachers and schools as a result of our work and we monitor and evaluate our work in a range of ways for evidence of impact.

Learning focused

Students as a treasure, and their learning is the focus of our endeavours at all levels – as a consortium, as project teams, as facilitators, and with the schools, communities, teachers, and students we work with and for.