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Connected learning improves student outcomes

The appropriate use of technology in schools provides an opportunity to significantly transform learning and teaching in the 21st century. As our understanding around what successful learning looks like and the definition of student outcomes broadens to include non-academic dispositions, there is increasing evidence of the positive impact that digital technologies has on student motivation, engagement and well-being. 

    LwDT students 2 

In three Northland schools (Kaikohe West, Tautoro and Kawakawa Primary) effective teaching approaches and digital technologies are used in a range of context to connect curriculum, increase student engagement and extend learning beyond the classroom walls. In the video below, Kaikohe West School Students talk about how digital tecnhologies have supported their learning.

Teachers and students alike report on the positive benefits of having choice and being able to share learning through a digital means. Through a student inquiry approach, students build important skills such as communications, teamwork, critical thinking and problem solving. They reflect on their learning process through posts on their blogs, through movie making and multimedia presentations and are able to share this learning with whanau, promoting productive partnerships between home and school.

Students in Years 4 - 8 use individual google accounts to access teacher planning and sites. They are able to engage in opportunities to learn that are personalized and which provide greater learner agency. Students learn, create and share content through the use of google docs, chrome extensions and applications. By using digital technologies to support learning, students have taken ownership of their learning and the learning has become more connected, accessible and meaningful for all.

In this presentation, Kawakawa School shares how they are using technology to support learning in their classrooms. Students presented this to teachers at a Northland I.D.E.A.S (Inspiration, Digital Exploration, Apps and Sites) day where 50 teachers were present. 

Kawakawa class blog

Examples of learning Kawakawa School have been recorded in their class blog.

Tautoro student 1Tautoro student 2

Tautoro student 3Tautoro student 4

Tautoro School (Photos) sharing their learning in Coding, using Youtube Editor in the Movie making process and sharing their creations through Blogging.

Tuatoro room 6 blog

Here's an example of learning at Tautoro School archived in Room 6's blog.

In this example, How Tautoro School Began, Tautoro Students used green screening to record stories about their school and community - a connected and authentic curriculum.

Story hui 2016

Story Hui is a reflective process capturing stories of progress and change where digital technologies have had an impact on learning. Rosina’s Story (Tautoro School) is an example where one teacher has reflected on that change.