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Culturally responsive practice

Educators are dedicated to ensuring the Treaty of Waitangi principles are alive and well in every school and kura in Aotearoa. Statistically there are a large number of Māori students who attend English mainstream schools. Equally there is a growing bank of resources and strategies designed to help teachers enable those students to reach their absolute potential in learning. Some of those resources and strategies have been collated by Te Toi Tupu facilitators for you to access below. 

MASAM - Māori Achieving Success As Māori

Māori achieving success as Māori - a framework from EDtalks on Vimeo.

Useful resources

  • MASAM template - This template was developed by Te Toi Tupu facilitators to use as a discussion starter in schools 
  • MASAM page on EEL - video clips talking about Māori achieving success as Māori (MASAM)

Te reo Māori in English medium schools

Tamara Bell challenges teachers in English medium schools to increase achievement for Māori students by teaching te reo Māori. 


Tamara Bell: Te reo Māori in English medium schools from EDtalks on Vimeo.

Culturally located spaces

Janelle Riki points to the design of how modern learning environments, modern learning spaces in schools and the ways that they are looking to redefine the learning spaces for students. Janelle asks how can we make these spaces culturally located for Māori students.

Culturally located learning spaces from EDtalks on Vimeo.

 Useful Links


Māori Succeeding as Māori

  • Inclusive Education Guides - Supporting Māori Learners TKI  This guide focuses on inclusive teaching and learning strategies that can be used in the classroom to create a more effective learning environment for all Māori students. Strengthening the self-identity and self-esteem of students who may need additional support to learn is a central theme.

te mangōroa


Māori Medium

  • Mātaiako: Ko Mātaiako he kaupapa hei hiki i te angitu o ngā ākonga me ngā putanga ako mā te aromatawai i ngā kura me ngā whare rumaki reo Māori.  


Resources compiled by Te Toi Ora. * Use or share for non-commercial purposes