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Edmonton Embarks on NZC Voyage

Dallas GrahamEdmonton embarks on New Zealand Curriculum Voyage: Chris McLean and Dallas Graham 

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NZC facilitators have inspired leaders of 24 schools throughout 2014 to take teachers on a learning journey, engaging both students and whānau in the process as they explore and unpack the beginning of the NZC and deliver their own unique school curriculum. For more about the New Zealand Curriculum PLD, view this 2013 infographic.

Here is one school’s story.

Edmonton playground boat

Edmonton vision

What the school achieved in 6 months

How they got there.

A ship in the playground at Edmonton School set the scene for new principal Margaret Samson to build on community passion to develop their vision statement and start afresh.

The community came together for a common purpose, all sailing the same course and living by this vision. Whānau, staff and students are on board  the ‘Edmonton’ ship, which they now see as an asset, showing where they’d like to journey and change and grow in their thinking.

Edmonton School’s PLD intention was to develop, in partnership with students, staff, parents, family and whānau, an Edmonton School curriculum based on the needs, aspirations, resources of their particular school community.

Whakaiti - Service 

Te Toi Tupu NZC facilitator enabled the school to tighten up the sails and steer a new course with everyone on board. The facilitator asked ‘deep’ questions which Margaret reflected on with staff. Facilitating a self review of the school’s current curriculum  document and pedagogy through unpacking the front of the NZC, refocused staff towards the eight principles. The facilitator continued to ask “what is the impact of that on students?” so there was ongoing analysis and reflection. For Margaret, the facilitator always brought her back to the benefit for students from what they were doing.

Edmonton students

Learning focused

Six months in, there was still work to be done but Edmonton School had established the attitudes and values that were important to staff, students and whānau. Several hui gave voice to students and the community about what’s important for students to learn.

Staff have built an understanding of how the principles can be visible in classrooms and key competencies are evident in the day to day school culture.

Students will experience a curriculum that excites  and challenges them, is future focussed, is inclusive, and affirms New Zealand’s unique bicultural identity  while also celebrating the multicultural makeup of Edmonton school.

The school now has a transparent and inclusive process from which to set sail … 


Caption (above): Students and parents identify priorities for learning

Excerpt from ERO report (12 September 2014)

“The documents you have shared with ERO and the discussion at the meeting suggests that there has been useful professional learning for staff. Not only are you building a learning community within the school, but you have also enabled the school to become part of the wider professional learning community as well.”

A rising tide lifts all ships

In the beginning

Journey far, sail together


Be at the helm of your own learning

Teacher reflections

For more information about New Zealand Curriculum PLD, visit the NZC project page or contact Kay Stevenson.