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Māori Medium Assessment provision

Tammy GardinerMāori Medium - Assessment provision: Tammy Gardiner

2014 brought change to the 2013 provision of Kaupapa Kāpuia Reo (Māori medium Leadership and Assessment) going from one provision to three individual contracts being Tumuaki (Leadership), Management and Assessment. 

The Assessment provision focuses on leaders and teachers using inquiry frameworks and assessment for learning in ways that inform and develop high quality teaching and learning programmes. This provision also supports kura to develop, implement and review school wide systems for data collection, analysis, planning and reporting, along with assessment activities that they are valid and relevant for its intended purpose.

Alana in workshop

The Assessment provision caters for year 13 students in wharekura. Strong foundations in and for students that contribute to vocational and qualification pathways is encouraged, along with improved student learning and accelerated achievement that is informed by Te Marautanga o Aotearoa, Ngā Whanaketanga Rumaki Māori and/or Paerewa Paetea (NCEA).

The position paper Rukuhia, Rārangahia underpins the philosophical approaches to Assessment when working with tumuaki/kaiako/ākonga/whānau and kura. Encouraging inquiry mindsets amongst leaders and teachers through pakirehua (inquiry) is working well within kura we support.

Pakirehua has been a powerful catalyst to engaging kura with this PLD and with aromatawai processes. In one kura two teachers were asked to share their understanding and knowledge of pakirehua (inquiry). They were prompted to draw upon their knowledge of pakirehua that appeared in Māori legends. These kaiako reflected upon the creation story of Ranginui and Papatuanuku, they were then asked to reflect upon local tūpuna who were well known for being inquiry minded and/or demonstrated an inquiry mindset. This process helped these kaiako understand pakirehua and the links to local tupuna ensured a rich, deep and connected appreciation of pakirehua. The kaiako were then supported to examine assessment data.  After analysing trends and patterns, these kaiako could see the benefits of being inquiry minded or working with a pakirehua to ensure mokopuna/ākonga achievement and success. 

Mā te ruku, mā te wānanga, mā te kōrero, mā te aro atu, mā te wetewete, e whakamārama te ūpoko o te kaupapa' (Rukuhia, Rārangahia, 2014).  

It is through in-depth debate, reflection and analysis the very essence of the subject can be gained

Tammy Gardiner leads the Assessment provision. For more information on Māori Medium Assessment PLD, visit the Assessment Yrs 1-3 page or contact Tammy Gardiner.