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Māori Medium Pāngarau professional development

Ros BartoshTihei Pāngarau:  Pāngarau ki te wheiao ki te ao marama: Roslyn Bartosh

This is a success story. It tells of one kura applying sustainable practices for kaiako as learners. This is an example of perseverance, determination, persistence and dedication. The facilitator exited the kura two years ago and re-entering this year and was excited to see that the previous learnings had not only been maintained but further developed and refined. At Kura Miharo, a group of kaiako regularly and clearly identify their own learning needs and the pāngarau learning needs of ākonga. Kaiako access and draw upon appropriate support to achieve their individual goals and engage with the goals of their ākonga. 

Pāngarau 1

Reflecting on the words ‘success’ and ‘impact’ a range of images and further questions to consider: what is success, who defines success, what does success look like? Our pāngarau team considers success or impact stories to be about the ability to articulate and evidence obvious shifts a kura has made from the beginning of the professional development to the present time. It further positions success or impact as achievable for all kura, and as the reader we ask you to see yourself and your kura in this story.  

Kia kaha, kia toa, kia manawanui

Kaiako in years 1-6 at Kura Miharo embarked on pāngarau professional development 5 years ago. Since then the lead team have demanded that pāngarau continues as a focus despite many challenging situations. One of these challenges are staff changes in this kura. However, Kaiako in this kura regardless of who is currently employed participate in regular professional learning discussion circles and there is a clear expectation that all will contribute and share; whether it be work shopping a new strand or robust discussion to moderate OTJ’s. This story demonstrates that long term change is possible if the focus is maintained on the particular curricula area despite ongoing hurdles.

Whāia te mātauranga hei oranga mō koutou


Pāngarau PLD is influenced by three pou (pillars): Te Mātau ki te Pāngarau (Content Knowledge), Te Mātau ki the Whakaako (Pedagogy), Te Reo Matatini o te Pāngarau (Mathematical literacy). The lead pāngarau team of Kura Miharo can now clearly articulate their learning needs in relation to the three pou. Kura Miharo requested support this year specifically to focus on whenu (Te Mātau ki te Pāngarau (Content Knowledge) not yet covered in their long term plan (and to further develop their confidence in the OTJ/moderation process. (insert video or photos from moderation sessions.)   

He panehe toki, ka tū te tangitangi kai

This Whakataukī reminds us that patience and perserverance can yeild big results as demonstrated within this kura. Kura Miharo has participated in symposia in the region, and in lead teacher workshops.  Their commitment to learning enables staff to be “current” in their content knowledge and pedagogical approaches, which in turn ensure the kaiako learning needs and ākonga learning needs are being met. This group of kaiako also identify areas of pāngarau which still need strengthening, at this point there is a need for ākonga to be involved in the moderation process and to ensure problem solving is an ongoing central focus in pāngarau programmes.

The shifts and growth of this school are what we would expect when implementing a professional development programme. The point of difference is the determination to whakamana  Pāngarau, to keep a relentless focus on Pāngarau over a long time, and to continue to develop to the point when professional development is requested and the facilitator can quickly move the team forward rather than revert to what has already been addressed. This is an example of a long term commitment to quality pāngarau programmes and is commendable when small kura are requesting professional development in a wide range of curricula.

Reflection from one kaiako

For more information on the Pāngarau professional development programmes, visit the project page or contact Ros Bartosh.