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Māori Medium Tumuaki and Management provisions

Marama Reweti MartinMāori Medium - Tumuaki and Management provisions: Marama Reweti-Martin

What was the Māori medium Leadership and Assessment (Kaupapa Kāpuia Reo) provision in 2013, has been given a different look for 2014. One contract has now become three, Tumuaki (Leadership), Management and Assessment, which are now individual contracts.  

The Tumuaki provision is focussed on building leadership capability, tailoring teaching policies and practices to student needs, encouraging high quality teaching through te reo Māori and building relationships with and beyond the learning community, inclusive of whanau, hapū and iwi.

The Management provision is designed to cater for the development of quality management systems and processes to meet with strategic and compliance requirements internal and external to the kura.

MM ManagementConsequently, facilitators have been active in developing new tools for scoping, measuring shifts and for planning and monitoring in the reworked provisions. Because many Māori medium kura have more than one provision, finding ways to work collaboratively amongst providers, both within and external to Te Toi Tupu has been encouraged. In this context the priority is the  school’s needs, and a collaborative approach is seen as the most effective way to manage multiple providers working in predominantly small schools. 

Some initial trends and patterns emerging from our work in 2014 tell us

  • Moral and emotional leadership support is required when working with new leaders
  • Supporting full management teams to meet to discuss issues related to Maori medium is a vehicle to creating greater understanding and support for leaders of rumaki/immersion settings
  • Collaborative PLD support provides a more meaningful and manageable level of support for kura
  • Clarity around financial, personnel, property and other management systems and processes alleviates pressure from tumuaki

Mā te whakaatu, ka mōhio

Mā te mōhio, ka mārama

Mā te mārama, ka mātau

Mā te mātau, ka ora

From discussion comes knowledge

From knowledge comes understanding

From understanding comes wisdom

And from wisdom comes wellbeing.


Management meeting with Reg

Image: Marama working with Reg Keil from Wairoa College.

Marama Reweti-Martin leads the Tumuaki and Management provisions. For more information on the Tumuaki and Management professional development programmes, visit the project pages or contact Marama Reweti-Martin.