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Cognition Education

Who we are:

Cognition Education is New Zealand’s foremost independent education consultancy and a leading education exporter. The company is focused on the provision of educational reform support, policy development, professional capability and school improvement projects.

Our values:

Cognition’s mission is to enhance life through quality education. We have strong relationships with our clients and their educational communities to achieve the best outcomes, respecting the cultural contexts we work in. We have an evidence-based approach and work in a collaborative way rather than imposing solutions. We have four organisational values that we strive to bring into all that we do: Independence, Collaboration, Professional, Respect.


The strengths we bring to the consortium: 

  • A large and diverse team of highly experienced educators who are used to working in a range of cultural and geographic contexts for a variety of clients in New Zealand and around the world.
  • A strong client focus, shaped by our need to demonstrate and evidence the impact of our work in highly competitive environments
  • A team which offers expertise across the educational spectrum including:  policy and leadership development, governance, assessment, curriculum development and teaching and learning including e- learning and evaluation.