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CORE Education

Who we are:

CORE Education is a not-for-profit educational research and development based organisation with an international reputation for support and promotion of the use of new technologies for learning across all education and training sectors.

Our values:

CORE Education believes in being a culturally diverse learning organisation which works in collaboration and partnership with like-minded organisations to bring about ethical actions by doing things which empower educators and learners. CORE empowers people to harness new technologies to cultivate powerful and delightful learning, whilst understanding, through research, the past and how it shapes the future of learning.

The strengths we bring to the consortium:

  • As a leading educational research and development organisation, CORE is the primary provider of e-learning and ICT-related professional development delivery to the Ministry of Education, and holds preferred provider status with the Ministry on a range of programmes, including leadership, early childhood education, curriculum development, research and indigenous education.
  • Cross disciplinary team of over 90 staff across New Zealand with significant experience in researching, developing and delivering pedagogical models to achieve the desired outcomes.
  • Involvement in cutting edge, international consultancy projects, working with local institutions, state authorities and national Governments in Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, USA and the UK.