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New Zealand Council for Educational Research

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Who we are:

The New Zealand Council for Educational Research (NZCER) is an independent research and development organisation which conducts research and produces research-based products and services for teachers, learners, policy makers, researchers, and parents. We also provide expert advice and information, and seek to lead debate on key educational issues.

NZCER carries out research on contract for public and private sector clients. We also have a purchase agreement with the Ministry of Education which enables us to build a research programme and research expertise to complement and enhance our contract work. NZCER has its own publishing unit, in-house test development and a purpose-built research and development infrastructure.

Our values:

At the heart of everything is our belief in an excellent education system should help provide equitable outcomes for all and foster learning throughout life. We are a national organisation so we want our research work to tackle education issues of national significance. We want to contribute new insights to those issues at both the policy and practice level, and particularly in ways that support teaching and learning. We run a robust research and development programme, which enables the organisation to be at the leading edge of educational thinking and anticipating the needs of the sector. We want to lead the thinking on future possibilities and at time challenge established wisdom.

The strengths we bring to the consortium:

  • NZCER are leaders in the development, administration, analysis, and reporting of innovative and dependable assessment information.
  • We have strong expertise across the organisation in evaluation as well as research and development.
  • We have systematically built a team-based organisation with the collective expertise to undertake quality research and provide related resources and services.
  • We place a priority on purposeful collaborations, seeking to complement and support the work of other researchers and evaluators nationally and internationally.