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Literacy and English Language Learning in Years 1-8

English Literacy

Target for support:

Strengthen the quality of leader and teacher practice in Literacy and - English language learning through cycles of professional inquiry:

  • Leading teaching inquiry and knowledge building
  • Students learning
  • Assessment as a process of learning, for learning.

The expected outcomes:

Accelerate student achievement for those groups of students achieving below expectation including target groups of Māori, Pasifika and students with special education needs:

  • Māori students realising educational success as Māori
  • Pasifika students achieving as Pacific people in support of the goals of the Pasifika Education plan
  • Students with special education needs allowing them to leave school equipped with the skills they need to fulfil their potential 
  • English Language Learners achieving at appropriate levels through acknowledgement of culture and prior learning.

Literacy Montage











This support is for:

  • Whole staff development, principals/school leaders, and teachers with a focus on leading and teaching as inquiry
  • The PLD is tailored to need the needs of individual schools as identified through processes of self-review, student achievement and alignment with school charter goals

Methods of delivery:

This PLD provides differentiated approaches that reflect individual delivery schools/ contexts and their unique nature especially in terms of culturally responsive pedagogy for years 1-8.

Measured outcomes:

The in-depth programme is in-school support – tailored to meet the needs of the school: Regular self-review of literacy strategic goals will enable each school to focus on the following aspects:

  • Co-construction of Literacy Strategic Plan
  • School wide assessment in Literacy
  • Teaching as inquiry process
  • Use of student achievement data
  • Implementing processes for moderation
  • Observations, learning conversations with leaders, teachers and students
  • Workshops
  • Cluster meetings

These in-school activities can be supplemented by online opportunities. 

Relationships with parents, whānau and iwi:

Each Literacy Strategic plan will identify key strategic goals that encompass shared values and expectations and the acknowledgement of identity, language and culture so that all students reach their full potential.


Systemic level – planning for continuous improvement through quality self-review practices 

Literacy Impact story (2014)    Literacy Infographic (2013)
Literacy Impact story (2015)    Literacy Infographic (2014)
Literacy Infographic (2015)  


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