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Gifted and Talented Education

Targeted support:

The GATE PLD programme is designed to raise the achievement of gifted and talented learners, with a particular focus on gifted Māori and Pasifika students, gifted students with special education needs (twice-exceptional students), and gifted students who are underachieving currently at school.

The expected outcomes:

The expected outcomes of the GATE PLD programme are to:

  • work with key staff to set up appropriate systems and procedures to identify gifted and talented students and to track their progress and achievement throughout the school;
  • build the capability of school leaders to monitor and evaluate all aspects of their provision for gifted and talented students, as part of an ongoing cycle of self review; 
  • support schools to raise schoolwide achievement through an explicit focus on recognising and nurturing the potential of all students.


Teachers are introduced to a range of effective strategies for differentiating the regular classroom programme so that it is more responsive to the special needs of gifted learners. They are scaffolded to provide opportunities for gifted and talented students to experience greater choice, challenge, and complexity in their learning.

Methods of delivery:

The GATE PLD programme is available in 2015 to English-medium schools (Y1-13) in the North Island. Facilitators work collaboratively with schools to co-construct the PLD programme, based on a comprehensive assessment of their strengths and needs in gifted and talented education. 

The programme is flexible and designed to meet the identified needs of individual schools and teachers. It involves a mix of face-to-face and online support and is usually delivered over a 12-month period.

Measured outcomes:

Facilitators constantly review their work with schools to ensure that support is achieving the goals and intended outcomes identified in the PLD action plan. A formal review of programme outcomes is undertaken twice a year using the Ministry’s intervention logic for effective PLD provision.

Relationships with parents, whānau and iwi:

School leaders are supported to engage with the wider school community to ensure that different cultural perspectives are included in all aspects of the school’s provision for gifted and talented students. The aspirations of parents/whānau/fono inform the development of the GATE PLD plan in each school and provide a strong foundation for future initiatives.


Facilitators work alongside key staff in each school to co-facilitate the GATE PLD programme and to build their knowledge and understanding of best practices in gifted and talented education. An exit plan is co-constructed by the facilitator and school to ensure that school-wide improvements can be sustained.  

Gifted and Talented Impact story (2014) Gifted and Talented Infographic (2013)
Gifted and Talented Impact story (2015) Gifted and Talented Infographic (2014)
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