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New Zealand Curriculum


Targeted support:

Provide professional learning and development for school leaders and teachers for effective implementation of The New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) for Years 1-8. 

Participating schools will be supported to:

  • accelerate the progress of students who are under achieving including priority students who are Maori, Pasifika and students with special educational needs; to ensure schools recognise and value the support through Ka Hikitia 2013 – 2017, The Pasifika Education Plan 2013 – 2017 and Tataiako
  • demonstrate evidence of a unified, cohesive implementation of the school curriculum across learning, teaching and school organisation that fully reflects the elements of the NZC and community aspirations and contexts; effective classroom curriculum design and responsiveness to all students learning and strengths
  • highlight the importance of pedagogical leadership, well-informed goal setting and evaluative capability
  • emphasise the importance of digital opportunities across the curriculum for all learners.

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Methods of delivery:

The PLD will be co-constructed with the school to meet identified needs to develop appropriate strategies that are contextually and culturally responsive in delivery.

Measured outcomes:

  • Regular self, collaborative and systematic review 
  • Data usage to inform teaching
  • Curriculum plan to support student achievement

Relationships with parents, whānau and iwi:

Development of Identity, language and culture as a focus through all stages of professional learning development


Systematic design, implementation and review of a local curriculum that promotes school improvement and aligns to the New Zealand Curriculum. 

NZC Impact story (2014) NZC infographic (2013)
NZC Impact story (2015) NZC infographic (2014)
NZC infographic (2015)  


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