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Te Reo Māori in Māori Medium schools (Years 1-13)

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Targeted support:

Te Reo Māori Māori Medium specifically tailors programmes for school leaders and kaiako involved in Level 1 and Level 2 (reo) Māori medium programmes.


Kaiako will 

  • develop knowledge and use of effective language learning strategies.
  • use varied language teaching strategies that are determined by the learning styles of their ākonga.
  • plan language experiences using the Te Reo Māori wāhanga ako from Te Marautanga o Aotearoa.
  • develop their understanding and knowledge of Ngā Whanaketanga Reo Māori and align Te Reo Matatini targets to national expectations.
  • use a range of te reo matatini assessment tools to gather achievement data.
  • review systems and processes for analysing kura wide Te Reo Matatini ākonga achievement data.


Methods of delivery:

A flexible and tailored PLD programme is co-constructed with the kura following a strengths and needs analysis. The programme:

  • takes a blended e-learning approach balancing ‘kanohi ki te kanohi’ kura based and regional facilitation with participation in an online reo Māori community 
  • will create and foster opportunities for collaboration within and between kura and Māori medium settings

Being a flexible and tailored programme, time and delivery method is negotiated with the kura. Delivery may include:

  • Staff  or one on one meetings
  • Regional wānanga
  • Akomanga based facilitation
  • Participation in online Māori medium communities

Measured outcomes:

Change in depth and intensity of provision is dependent on progress, and progress is reviewed regularly by:   

  • kura and Māori medium settings regularly review their progress toward established goals and needs identified during the initial strengths and needs analsysis
  • participants developing an inquiry to critically reflect on their language learning and the associated impact on their practice reporting back to their learning communities


  • Sustained teaching as inquiry, within an ongoing kura-wide reo capability self-review, is required to continue developing kaiako confidence, competence and capability in improving ākonga achievement
  • Regular review of the marau a-kura and authentic whānau engagement to ensure the kura is directly responding to the aspirations of students, parents, whānau and iwi, high expectations and learning needs of ākonga

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