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Te Reo o te Kaiako

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Targeted support:

Te Reo o te kaiako (TRotK) specifically tailors reo programmes for kaiako and kura to improve student learning and achievement.  


The provision focuses on three key areas; Ko te reo kia tika (developing grammatical competence), ko te reo kia rere (developing language for instructional, organisational and/or cultural purposes),  ko te reo kia Māori (developing language used for cultural purposes). TRotK also works to develop effective teaching and learning practices and approaches in relation to Te Reo Māori in Te Marautanga o Aotearoa. As such we work alongside kura throughout to collaboratively tailor a programme that addresses identified needs. 

Methods of delivery:

A blended approach is offered for the delivery of the  Te Reo o te Kaiako provision in 2016. There will be 4 regional full-day Wānanga, supplemented by Online webinars (real time) and Online modules (self-directed learning). Online mentoring will be offered to support kura leaders and beginning teachers.

TRMoK methods of delivery

Measured outcomes:

Change in depth and intensity of provision is dependent on progress, and progress is reviewed regularly by:

  • kura and Māori medium settings regularly review their progress toward established goals and needs identified during the initial strengths and needs analysis.
  • participants developing an inquiry to critically reflect on their language learning and the associated impact on their practice reporting back to their learning communities.


Sustained teaching as inquiry, within an ongoing kura-wide reo capability self-review, is required to continue developing kaiako confidence, competence and capability in improving ākonga achievement.

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