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Tumuaki and Management (Years 1-13)

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Targeted support:

This professional development and support is targeted at tumuaki and lead teachers (years 1-13), in Māori medium settings.

The expected outcomes:

As a result of this PLD, kura will be able to demonstrate evidence of:

  • Quality management systems and processes to meet with strategic and compliance requirements internal and external to the kura.
  • Leaders who provide opportunities for Māori learners to succeed in and through te reo Māori.

Methods of delivery:

The methods of delivery and duration of in-depth support is tailored to meet the strengths and needs of allocated kura.

Tumuaki project update story (2014) Management project update story (2014)
Tumuaki and Management infographic (2014) Tumuaki and Management infographic (2015)

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