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Working with clusters in the south

The Learning with Digital Technologies (LwDT) South team have been working with clusters over the last 3 years. The Learning Community Clusters (LCC) were formed in Christchurch (post earthquake) by the Ministry of Education, based on geographical location.

Our team of facilitators worked alongside cluster leaders to:

  • Create a shared cluster vision and priorities
  • Identify e-Learning PLD needs across the cluster and develop PLD plans
  • Identify ways the cluster could share practice and collaborate both face to face and virtually to address e-learning foci in schools

Many of our clusters come up with innovative and creative ways to bring their collective schools together and align their strategic thinking and vision for their wider community - all with an e-learning lens.


Waimakariri North Cluster e-Leaders developing their Cluster Vision

Hereora cluster talking about being a highly collaborative cluster

This Hereora videos demonstrates how building trust and relationships has enabled the cluster to collaborate effectively. “In this learning cluster, in a sense, we’re an end point and so we need to be always thinking about what’s coming in, you know, because these students who are coming into our school have been at the schools of the other ones here and it’s really helped our level of thinking about trying to meet the needs of those young people coming in.” 

The impact of this work with clusters has been the development of effective collaborative relationships both within schools and between schools. Leaders, e-leaders and teachers have shared expertise and examples of practice that contributes to enhanced e-capability and improved outcomes for learners.  They have organised cluster wide teacher only days and cluster wide community engagement events and are beginning to develop collaborative teaching and learning programmes across their collective schools.

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Hereora cluster leaders discuss how the spirals of inquiry has been a useful tool to develop focus and coherence across the cluster

Hereora leaders share how their cluster wide future-focused inquiry is providing students with opportunities to have agency over decisions around learning.